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2020 A Clear Vision for Drug Awareness LLC., is a Southern California based small business, and the originator of the patented:


20/20 Vision Laboratory Setup

Students will be able to look at a model of the lungs with all of the components, specifically the parts that are most affected by vaping drugs and other substances (ie. dabs, waxes etc). They can see the long-term effects of brain cells that are lost, and how much actually gets rejuvenated. Each system comes with a simulated brain model and a simulated lung model. The brain model will be clear, 3D printed anatomical version of the brain with associated LED lighting to reflect cell health. Lights will be designated to various structures of the brain, and will be able to split into two hemispheres for anatomical like-ness.

20/20 Vision Experiment Tablet

The tablet is the same tablet used in research labs today creating papers on drug and addiction as referenced on www.ljari.tech website for publications using the T1 eVape tabletop system. The tablet includes an interactive interface with touch screen which can be programmed with specific drug(s) and delivery results. In addition, it will have interactive “bio” parameters relatable to the brain/lung function based on the drug selected. Biologically relevant “patient” vitals will be representative of the drug(s) dose, and delivery. Biologically relevant “patient” status (dopamine response, vegetative state, cell death, stroke, clot, etc.) will also be represented.

20/20 Vision Touchscreen Tablet

The touchscreen tablet features a login page that will allow the teacher to create student groups and set up their learning schedule (semesters/parameters). It also includes facial recognition, a camera, and a gallery to store student group pictures, along with an experiment results page. That is where group experiment results are kept for training. The distress scenarios include the online curriculum link for further education. For more details, please refer to the 2020 Vision Tablet overview section.

Online NIDA Curriculum

The online school curriculum for education of drug prevention includes classroom subjects, such as mathematics, biology, chemistry, health, science, and physics. These courses teach students how the brain and lungs are affected using drugs such as cocaine, methamphetamine, THC, psychostimulants, and sufentanil. The teacher can create lesson plans for classroom learning that relates to the classes specific subject.

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