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Our Mission 2020 Vision

The 20/20 Vision program was created to bring awareness to substance and dependency abuse in an interactive new way. We accomplish this by using a laboratory-style research platform.

This platform is similar to those used in medical centers and universities across the globe. Initially, the reason for creating the program was because every year a select group of high school students were given the opportunity to participate in externship programs in research institutions around the world.

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Unfortunately, those summer programs only accepted 5 or 6 students per school, and that leaves many of our youth missing the opportunity for this type of education. We believe this is one of the biggest problems in effectively teaching real science education and substance abuse awareness. 

Our aim is to provide a solution to the rising vaping epidemic and bring awareness by allowing students to learn through interactive simulated laboratory experiments right in the classroom. We believe there’s a need to bring the science and real world drug awareness into schools and institutions by utilizing this program.


The 2020 Vision Program Founders

Approximately 8 years ago Kim and Maury began envisioning what a significant impact they could make in inner-city low-income communities if there was a way to combine Maury’s love for building and designing along with his 30+ years of neuroscience experience and Kim’s background in multilevel leadership and training & development to create an interactive drug awareness program which goes beyond classroom curriculum and sponsored Just Say No presentations in school auditoriums once a year.

Meet our amazing team

Qualified to help bring Drug Awareness to you.

Meet the team that has brought this vision to reality, meet Maury D.  Cole and Kim  N. Wilcox.

Maury D. Cole

Maury D. Cole is the founder and CEO of La Jolla Alcohol Research, Inc (LJARI). Maury’s 36 years of professional experience in Neuroscience at The Scripps Research Institute and his natural gift for building and designing innovative devices has made him an industry leader in building and manufacturing cutting edge neuroscience vaporization systems.

Maury managed all animal experimentation for Professors George Koob and Floyd Bloom at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI). Maury struggled for many years with targeting and maintaining blood alcohol levels (BALs) in rodents in a stress-free environment.

It was clear that vapor inhalation was the optimal delivery route but no commercial vapor inhalation chambers were on the market at that time, so Maury worked closely with the Design Instrumentation Laboratory at TSRI to design passive vapor inhalation chambers for the department.

While those chambers provided some success, consistent BALs were not easily obtained, so Maury formed La Jolla Alcohol Research Inc. in 1997 and obtained funding through a NIAAA Phase I/II SBIR award and developed the technology.

The vapor inhalation chamber systems manufactured by LJARI are now in use in laboratories across the United States, Canada, Europe and Japan.


Kim N. Wilcox

Kim N. Wilcox serves as the Executive Director of La Jolla Alcohol Research, Inc (LJARI). In this role, Kim oversees all operational aspects of LJARI, including human resources, payroll, quotes and invoicing, accounts payable, accounts receivable, grant management, installation & training, financial reporting, merchant services, online ordering, and inventory management.

With over 32 years of experience in business management, particularly in mortgage banking and real estate finance, Kim has held various leadership positions. These roles have involved managing teams in mortgage banking, real estate financing, training & development, as well as 12 years in retail pharmacy operations and management.

Kim is a dedicated and determined leader who possesses a genuine passion for empowering young individuals to recognize their potential and helping them develop the necessary skills for advancement.

Throughout her career, she has successfully promoted her former employees into leadership roles by inspiring them to think innovatively and strive for their highest achievements.

Although her background does not lie in education or counseling, Kim’s motivation to empower young people stems from the personal challenges she has faced as an African-American woman in the corporate landscape.

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