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The 20/20 Vision program, an unparalleled approach to drug awareness, substance abuse prevention and replace those dull lectures and detached statistics.


We seamlessly blend the excitement of real-world street experiences with the precision of laboratory investigation in the classroom.

School Systems

Serving students and school systems across the United States of America Grades 7-12.

Universities & Colleges

Working with established Universities and Colleges, bringing drug awareness to the classroom.

Low  Income Communities

Educating the low-income communities and information brings power to the people.

A Clear Vision

Best solutions


Our mission is clear: to combat the escalating vaping, drug epidemic and raise awareness among students. By immersing them in interactive, simulated laboratory experiments, we empower them to truly comprehend the consequences of their choices.

What sets us apart is our extraordinary facial recognition feature, enabling each student to become the subject of their own scientific exploration. This authentic and engaging experience transforms drug awareness into a personal journey of discovery.

Best solutions


The genesis of the 20/20 Vision program lies in our recognition of a pressing need to merge the realms of scientific inquiry and practical drug education within educational institutions. Inspired by the limited opportunities provided by exclusive summer externship programs, we set out to revolutionize the landscape.

No longer should the majority of our youth miss out on the chance to delve into the wonders of this field. We firmly believe that this disparity is hindering the effective dissemination of genuine scientific knowledge and drug awareness.

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The 20/20 Vision education program unveils an unparalleled depth of understanding regarding addictive substances. By granting students access to cutting-edge laboratory experiments right in their classrooms, we bridge the gap between theory and practice.

They can simulate experiments akin to those conducted in prestigious colleges, universities, and hospitals across the nation. Our patented technology even replicates the exact “vaping” methods that some students engage in today.

In this era, it is imperative that the next generation gains hands-on experience with addiction studies, equipping them to prevent the perpetuation of destructive trends.